Weight Gain Meal Plan & Sports Nutrition Supplements

Weight Gain Meal Plan

Gaining weight is possible only if you follow a healthy diet plan. You need to strictly rely on to the plan without any flaws and only then you can gain weight. The entire food menu of yours must have the complete list of essential nutrients within. Protein, essential fats and carbohydrates are essential for weight gain. A high calorie diet plan is what most athletes rely on to gain weight. Gaining calories is often mistaken to taking in lot of food. There are foods that are rich in calorie; consuming such food in meagre amounts can bring you the desired effect. Some important food menus to be added in your schedule are given below. Make better use of them to get healthy muscle mass and weight.

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Before getting into a perfect plan there are some tips to be noted. These tips will help you reach your goal very easily.

Eat something within 30 minutes of your workout.
Eat for every 3 hours.
Anything you eat must contain whole grain carbohydrates and wheat protein.
Peanut butter is one important ingredient to gain weight. Add 2 teaspoons of it in every meal, or snack or drink.
Have whole wheat bread, rolls cheese toast for meals.
Add avocado, granola to most of your consumable stuffs.
Eat some energy bars, granola bars, yoghurt and cereals with high calorie.
Make high calorie shakes with honey, peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream.
Have something before bed. A snack at least.
Never avoid breakfast.
Weight gain breakfast:

Breakfast is the supplier for the entire day. So don’t ever hesitate to have morning food. It supplies sufficient energy to perform your whole day’s work. Breakfast is the first meal you take after a hard workout, so it is advisable to have it in time and regularly. Make sure you are not making any mistake in selecting the ingredients for it. Have some fresh juices of orange, cherries or any other fruit. Milk is one good provider of energy, so consume milk in good quantities. Start your protein intake from morning onward. Have egg, ham, cheese, yoghurt and also English muffin sandwiches.

Weight gain lunch:

Your lunch has to be healthy. Have plenty of lean meat for your lunch, which can provide lot of protein which is necessary for weight gain. Chicken, tuna, ham, steak, turkey and salmon are good sources of protein to be had for lunch. Also add some baked items and salads. Omelettes, French fries, milk shakes, pasta, wrap, sandwiches and hash browns are all better food choices to gain weight.

Weight gain dinner:

The food you consume for dinner must be free from fat and other oily types. This is because to gain weight you need a deep sleep at night and oily foods disturb your sleep, so avoid them. Have cooked vegetables, fish, pork, pasta, baked potatoes and low fat milk for supper. Follow all these meal plans strictly if you really want to gain weight.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

Supplements are additional nutrition, vitamins, minerals, or amino acid, from plants and animals in form of capsules, pills or liquid. Sport nutrition supplements are all the supplements you consume during your workout session. Either it is isotonic drink or protein supplements that you take after exercising; they are all sports nutrition supplements.

Sports Nutrition

Why is it important to take sport nutrition supplement? The nutrition you get from daily meals is not enough especially when you workout a lot. Active people need more nutrition so that they can have energy to go throughout the day. Protein, in particular, takes an important role in building body mass. Furthermore, having sufficient supply of protein fastens your recovery process. That is why you need to consume supplement to balance the amount of nutrition in your body so that your workout can result in better achievement.

There are several different kinds of sport supplements. Among them are protein supplements, creatine supplements, and antioxidants. A protein supplement is the key in building body mass. Normally, adults need at least 1 gram of protein for every kilogram of their weight. But when you have intense workout, you will need more than that. And in this case, the protein you get from your daily meal will not cover your need.

Essential amino acid and non-essential amino acid forms the protein. Essentials amino acid cannot be produced by our body because it is the kind of protein that we get from the food we consume. Amino acids consist of leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, and phenylalaninedan histidine. And among them, leucine, isoleucine, dan valine are Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).
Sport nutrition supplements are not cheap. So, you need to be very selective in deciding which one will suit your need. Keep reading and we will give you some useful tips on selecting your best BCAA supplement.

1. Be sure about what kind of sport supplement you need. The one to help you in building body mass, multivitamin or just antioxidants.

2. In selecting your sport nutrition supplement, make sure you choose something which has the dose you need. The truth is that taking more than it is required would not get you better result.

3. Sport nutrition supplements are only additional nutrition. They are not your main source of nutrition. Thus, you need to keep balancing them with healthy meals.

4. Choose your sport nutrition supplement from the reputable and renowned brands. It will be better to consult with your instructor or doctor before you decide on one product.

5. When buying a sport supplement product, make sure you check the expiry date, the cautions, the seal and the nutrition information.

6. The right supplement is not the most expensive one. It is the one which can cover your need of protein. Since different person has different need, you cannot decide to buy a product just because it works for your friend.

7. Organic supplements are the best. You lessen the risk of allergic by selecting something which is organic.
As it has been mentioned before, you can never replace your meal with supplement. Balancing your eating and the supplements is important. Some of the recommended products for best BCAA supplements are Optimum BCAA, MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2, USPLabs Modern BCAA, and Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy.

One last note, it is very important to follow the advice on how to store the product to get the best result.